Hair Loss Treatment Guides

Looking for the hair treatment? Get the most common causes and treatments one can follow to stop hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss

You will lose a little of your hair every time you brush or stroke through the hair. So, how to know if you’re really facing an actual hair loss. Here are some conditions that classifies as the hair loss symptoms.

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Usually, we do not realize that the food we are eating daily is causing an unusual loss of hair strands. Below are some foods that seem perfectly healthy but sometimes are not that healthy.

Hair Loss From Stress

If a body encounters stress, the cortisol production of the body increases. Having a positive routine including some sort of normal exercise such as walking or doing yoga can help to reduce the stress on the body.

Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused when the body cycle is disrupted in such a way that the body hair production gets affected. A more scientific term for hair loss is alopecia. Our hair cycle grows through vigorous stages of growing, resting, falling, and regeneration. 

Hair Loss After Surgery

Post-surgical hair loss (shock loss) occurs due to the stress of surgery and general anesthesia on the body. It happens after a person undergoes major surgery. Sometimes, minor surgery can cause the condition too.

Treatment For Hair Loss

There are three ways, the hair loss condition is treated. The treatments are affected to reduce hair growth, stimulate partial hair regrowth and replacement of the damaged hair.