Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Foods that cause Hair Loss
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“You are what you eat”  The food we eat provides us with nutrients. Nutrients are essential compounds that are needed to provide energy and are the building blocks of our body that regulate our body’s functioning and metabolism. An imbalance of nutrients can cause adverse effects on the body including hair fall.

Usually, we do not realize that the food we are eating daily is causing an unusual loss of hair strands. Below are some foods that seem perfectly healthy but sometimes are not that healthy.

1. Sugar

Too much sugar is not good for you!

Sugar is a guilty pleasure but is a daredevil. Along with all the disadvantages sugar brings along, one of the issues it brings forth is hair loss. A high sugar intake causes high glucose levels in the blood. The high glucose level causes the insulin and androgen hormones to spike. They get attached to the hair follicles and eventually cause the hair to fall out.

High sugar intake even leads to scalp inflammation due to high sugar levels in the blood and poor blood circulation. A study also shows that high sugar intake causes imbalanced testosterone level that ultimately leads to hair loss. 

2. Dairy

Consuming dairy products on regular basis means a high fat intake. The high fat intake causes hair loss. In a study, the experiment was conducted to see the effects of high fat and cholesterol on hair loss. The result came out that the fat causes hair loss and whitening.

3. Refined Carbohydrates

Processed foods such as pieces of bread, cakes, pasta, lasagna, and pizza are found to be one of the leading causes of hair fall. They block the body’s defense and are the leading cause of stress-induced hair fall. The carbohydrates ultimately convert into sugar, and that may cause high blood sugar.

4. Seafood with high mercury level

All fishes contain mercury concentrated in their bodies due to pollution. It is advisable to study the mercury content of the fish you are consuming. Mercury exposure in the blood along with the other side effects also causes reversible hair loss.

5. Greasy Food items

Greasy food surely satisfies the taste buds- but at a risk. The yummy double cheeseburger you consume every day may the cause of the incessant hair fall. High grease content oversaturates the sebaceous glands in the body that makes the hair follicle site greasier than it is required. This can be one of the reasons for your hair loss.

6. Carbonated Drinks and Alcohol

Again, this beverage is the leading cause of high sugar consumption that saturates the blood in such a way the hair follicles fall out. The carbonated drinks have sugar that interacts with the insulin in the blood. It triggers the insulin to get attached to the hair follicle and hammer the normal blood circulation. Ultimately, hair loss occurs. Along with carbonated drinks, alcohol is also on the list of items that causes hair loss. Alcohol- and getting high! – dehydrates your hair. It affects the moisture level of the hair. If you do not get the needed moisture, much of the hair gets damaged, dried out, and ultimately falls.


You may be consuming your favorite codfish or having a diet of high sugar in your daily routine without knowing its side effects. Though not necessary, if you’re facing hair loss issues, one of its reason can be the consumption of such items. See your diet and try to adopt healthier food options. If hair fall does not stop, consult a doctor or a dermatologist.

“You are what you eat”  The food we eat provides us with